Monday, 10 June 2013

The Gables

A great day out on a Wainright walk through Gillercomb, Base Brown, Green Gable, across Windy Gap and over Great Gable, returning via Sty Head Tarn

This walk start out at Seathwaite, and walk next  to the now disused mines for Borrowdale Graphite - top quality graphite, and the original reason why the Cumberland Pencil Company has been making pencils locally for over 180 years.

It's also where the term 'wad' comes from, as Borrordale Graphite was more expensive than gold, it was brought out under armed guard to made into moulds for cannon balls. So pure is the graphite, that the cannon balls made from the moulds were more spherical than our enemies cannon balls, and could travel further - giving us the edge in warfare...including at the battle of Trafalgar.

First peak - Base Brown, no view, the sun hasn't burnt off the mist yet

On to Green Gable, and Windy Gap - it was...

And there's our route up onto Great Gable

and lunch at the top
and the sun finally burnt through the a magnificent view of Sty Head Tarn

A great day out!

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