Monday, 10 June 2013

The Gables

A great day out on a Wainright walk through Gillercomb, Base Brown, Green Gable, across Windy Gap and over Great Gable, returning via Sty Head Tarn

This walk start out at Seathwaite, and walk next  to the now disused mines for Borrowdale Graphite - top quality graphite, and the original reason why the Cumberland Pencil Company has been making pencils locally for over 180 years.

It's also where the term 'wad' comes from, as Borrordale Graphite was more expensive than gold, it was brought out under armed guard to made into moulds for cannon balls. So pure is the graphite, that the cannon balls made from the moulds were more spherical than our enemies cannon balls, and could travel further - giving us the edge in warfare...including at the battle of Trafalgar.

First peak - Base Brown, no view, the sun hasn't burnt off the mist yet

On to Green Gable, and Windy Gap - it was...

And there's our route up onto Great Gable

and lunch at the top
and the sun finally burnt through the a magnificent view of Sty Head Tarn

A great day out!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Sunsets - we all love them!

Thanks to Peter & Becky Crispin for these - taken from Brocklebeck cottage

And thanks to Karen Sutton for this perfect one across Derwent Water...

And this is Debbie Craggs from Catbells

Thanks to all our guests for sending in your favourites - we love seeing them all!

Things to do.....

some recent activities, fancy a go?

Cycling through the Naddle - easy and gentle

That's me on a tandem paraglide over Blencathra!

And that's my eldest daughter from Walla Crag over Derwent water!

Sharp edge on Blencathra

Warm Spring sunshine

If the Spring is warm, April to June is one of the best times of year to come here....

This shot taken from the red beech trees looking out to Blencathra from Brackenrigg

High Rigg's garden, and an enticing trail through the bluebells...

Looking up to Brackenrigg crags behind the barn

Banks of daffodils at Brackenrigg

Bluebells at Rannerdale

The bluebells everywhere this year are fab...maybe they like the winter cold? Rannerdale was spectacular with vibrant gorse off-setting the intense blue of the bluebells. I could get poetic...

 so many professionals taking 'proper' pictures.....

Updates from previous posts

Spring in the Naddle & St John's Valleys

Some shots of the views roundabout locally, this one looking up St John's to Blencathra, one of my favourite views - breathtaking

And this is Tig in the garden looking towards the Barn cottages, always a poser that dog!

And here is Castlerigg stone circle at dawn on the summer solstice, easy walk up for a dawn vigil, and what a stunning place to be.

The ancient pack horse bridge just across the way on the bridlepath through the Naddle valley, a cool & atmospheric spot.